Here’s the Scoop

“As One of Our JV Partners, You’re Going to Have a BLAST Playing With Us While You Generate Huge Commission CHECKS And Win Awesome PRIZES…”

“Right Here On This ‘Mini-Site’ Are All of the Details For How You Can Cash In On The #1 Most Exciting Launch of 2011 – the ‘BIG LIST’ Coaching & Training Program…”


  • Earn $400 or more on each sale (our lower $999 price point means more sales and bigger commission checks)
  • Crazy Cool Prizes like…a custom “Theme Song” or Anthem for Your Business, a Hawaiian Vacation, a totally un-reciprocated MONSTER promotion from me, VIP Stage Time in front of all of my Best JV Partners at the next JV Summit, and cool techie gadgets like the new iPhone 4S, and iPad 3, plus an amazing Live Mastermind Day with Robert Allen & Christian Mickelsen
  • Major player support already on board, including the likes of Lisa Sasevich, Michael Port, Kendall Summerhawk, Jamie Smart, Bernadette Doyle, Gary Henson, David Steele, Donna Kozik, Sharla Jacobs, Bill Baren, Michelle Schubnel, Nicola Bird, Michele P.W., Jeanna Gabellini, Taki Moore, Eva Gregory, Kim Clausen, Vrinda Normand, Ken Foster, Christine Kloser, Laura Roeder, Sherry Buffington, PJ Van Hulle, Allie Longoria, Viki Winterton, Lisa Cherney, Mary Allen & Tom Buford

Check out the sweet commissions for this program —> “Sweet Commissions”

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